Simply put, we need a Big Black Guy to come in here and rebound

Toronto Raptors 106, Philadelphia 76ers 97 Seriously, we do. A pretty nervous win over a pretty bad team who managed to stay in the game only because we don’t have a single guy on the squad who would have the balls to face Reggie Evans in a back-alley late at night. Samuel Dalembert’s impression of… Read more »


Dinolinks for October 29th through October 30th

Check these hoop-related links for October 29th through October 30th: Stern in conversation with Lawrence Pedowitz – Hee hee hee Marbury crossing over Yao – Remember this? My favorite part is the bench’s reaction. Scoop Jackson’s NBAipedia – Not the biggest Scoop fan, but a fun read nonetheless Pat Burke’s Hair Restoration Tonic – Proof… Read more »


Who’s it gonna be?

By 6pm today one of Jamario Moon, Luke Jackson, or Juan Dixon will no longer be a Raptor. Sliced from the roster like a cancerous mole, the player (or playa) to be cut has been a contemptuous debate between Raptors fans and Real Gm blowhards alike all preseason. In face, to say that the news… Read more »


Dinolinks for October 27th

Check these hoop-related links for October 24th through October 27th: – Bulls fan pleads John Paxon to trade their philanthropic British gentleman for a megalomaniac racist. Damon Stoudamire to Start for Grizzlies – Over/under on games before Lowry takes over? 12.5 The Gilbert Arenas Paintball Story – You don’t need to be an NBA… Read more »


Raptors FanFest: Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

Raptors Fanfest was Sunday’s second thing to do after watching pathetic Liverpool get lucky and tie Arsenal. First time ever at the event and it was what I’d expected. Some nice (and fairly lame) Raptors contests such as a three point shootout, skills competition and some nice talk from the players. The same old ‘thanks… Read more »


Destroying the Eastern Conference Chumpions

The game last night was a telling example of the cruel, fleeting joke that is NBA success. A combination of favorable match-ups, superior teams choking, Lebron’s very broad shoulders and three drops of David Stern’s sorcerer blood landed Cleveland in the Finals last year. They reacted the same way the rest of the NBA did:… Read more »


Raps whip Cavs as Delfino shows pulse + pics from game

Checked this one at the ACC to the tune of a crowd of 15,830, a number ridiculously high considering the game means as much as Maceo Baston’s late cameo. I suppose it’s the Lebron Factor plus last season’s success. What you might not know if you saw this on TV was that other than timeouts,… Read more »


Raptors vs. Cavaliers – Tonight, 7:00pm

I’m pumped. After a long, boring summer, I finally get a chance to see Mop Girl again (it’s small, but it’s all I got). And, of course, the Raptors. It’s been way too long since I last climbed into my seats at the ACC and spilled beer on the bald guy in front of me,… Read more »

Look Ma, Joey Graham made a jumper

Exactly a week to go till tipoff, Raptors vs. Philly to be more precise. Nothing in the news except people bitching and moaning about who should start at the small forward spot. Nobody appears to really want the job, if they did they’d perhaps put back-to-back solid games and make the decision a little easier… Read more »

Dinolinks for October 20th through October 23rd

Check these hoop-related links for October 20th through October 23rd: The “All-Suspended Team” on Opening Night – Sweet Mary Magdalene, check out that lineup. I bet they could beat the Sixers… Top 10 Crybaby moments in Sports – This is pretty fun. It’s not all basketball, but if you’re looking to waste five minutes before… Read more »