Raptors vs. the LeBronless(?) Lebrons, 7pm.

Deja Vu week comes to an end tonight when Cleveland takes the court in Toronto. The big story, of course, is whether Bosh and James will play. It’s pretty obvious that they need their superstar more than we need ours. This young season has been Lebron’s version of the one-man play: He does it all except… Read more »



If RaptorsTalk can say it, I can say it: Lame Post Alert! After a game like that, you’d think the Grizzlies might have been better off just showing up, collecting their bobbleheads, and heading back to their hotel. Mike Miller: 0-5 Rudy Gay: 2-9 Pau “I used to enjoy this” Gasol”: 4-12 To recap: Three… Read more »


Raptors vs. Bizzaro Raptors, v2.0 (aka. the Deja Vu edition) 7:00pm

Since I just wrote a game preview for the last Grizz game, I’m not going to do a lick of research for this post.  Because as my good friends know,  impeccable memory (along with laser vision and elephantitis of the genitals) is one of my finer qualities. We beat them on their court, which, following Raptor Logic™,… Read more »


ESPN, Lunar Edition

Jamariomania is spreading like hot butter on the shaved thighs of a Thai hooker.  Check out some neat new gems about the Moon Man on ESPN’s TrueHoop here, including his delinquent “smuggling a Discman into school” criminal past.  Sing it, Jamario! (to be fair, Jamario only found out Canada existed a few months ago. Not a whole… Read more »


Dinolinks for November 19th through November 26th

Check these hoop-related links for November 19th through November 26th: Moon goes to dogs, by choice – i love this article. Plain and simple Colangelo pleased, sees room for improvement NBA 2007-08 Celtics vs. 1995-96 Bulls – This comparison of the new-look Celts and the record-setting Bulls squad of the 90′s is interesting…and meaningless. The… Read more »



This teeter-totter’s making me nauseous. But a win’s a win’s a win, even against the NBA equivalent of Glass Joe, seen below mimicking the Chicago Bulls’ 4th quarter. What a mess. Where do you start? When you play like a disinterested rec league team down by 20, it’s more than lack of effort – it’s… Read more »


6-7, Raptors vs. The Beat-a-Bulls, High Noon

The Raptors have a habit of ‘hanging around’ winnable games, unable to drive nails into the coffins of lesser teams. Well, you can’t hang around when you’re playing against Lebron – he’ll string you up by your shoelaces and leave you for dead, swaying from the rafters like a worked-over punching bag. LeBeast devoured us… Read more »