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Sam Mitchell loses the game by doing this: 3:22 4th Qtr – Calderon Substitution replaced by Ford



Orlando Magic 105, Toronto Raptors 96 What do you do when your team has just managed to cut down a 10 point deficit down to 2 with 3:22 left? Change the entire flow of the game by taking out the PG that’s driving the offense. How’s that sound for Coach of the Year type coaching?   …Continue Reading

2-2 (or so I heard)



I was doing SO well. To be fair, he did ask me if I wanted to know before he punched me in the teeny-tinys with the horrible news. And I bit. Like a dirty, desperate drug addict, like the obnoxious Mohinder predictably whines every episode of “Heroes”…I needed to know. Here’s the backstory: I had   …Continue Reading

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