It’s gotten so bad that any offense we get out of Bosh is considered a bonus

Golden State Warriors 106, Toronto Raptors 100

we suck ass
So much for the 10AM PST start time and so much for the Warriors blowing big leads and so much for Baron Davis having a bad game and so much for the Raptors getting any shot they want against the much maligned Warriors defense. It all amounts to nothing if you allow their best player to go one-on-one on the most crucial possession of the game – much like how we allowed Garnett to eat Bosh alive in OT earlier this year. Three weeks later and we haven’t learned a thing. Make no mistake, this game was there to be had if only one of a few things had happened and they are 1) Bosh has an average offensive game 2) Kapono hits half of his wide-open shots 3) Biedrins is somewhat contained and doesn’t lay an ownage on the entire Raptors defense 4) Our coaching staff recognize that the Warriors are a 3-pt shooting team and take them without any conscience. The only coaching the Sam Mitchell did this afternoon was to make sure that the fans got the free pizza but it doesn’t make up for an offense so predictable, stagnant and inconsistent that all the Golden State Warriors had to do was put Stephen Jackson on Bosh and let TJ Ford get his in order to shut us down when it mattered – the fourth quarter.

Don’t you just love it when Chris Bosh is reduced strictly to a defensive presence and anything you get out of him on the offensive end is considered a bonus. It’s come down to that as another poor offensive showing from Bosh sends the Raptors to a home L an onto the road to Dallas where a Raptors win is about as unexpected as a good out-of-timeout play from Mitchell (the one late in the fourth was just laughable). The way Stephen Jackson shut down Bosh was unbelievable, not unbelievable as in he played some unbelievable defense on him but unbelievable as in “How f***in unbelievable is it that Bosh is incapable of getting good post position against a smaller player and just back him into the rim, it’s not like they’re even doubling him!!” 4-12 FG, 11 points and two big FT misses for Bosh who’s starting to make it a habit of getting shut down by slower and smaller players. Contrast this with the play of Andris Biedrins who made it a point to exploit whatever the defense gave him and outplayed Bosh and our entire frontline singlehandedly. Is he a more skilled player than Bosh or Bargnani? I don’t know but I don’t think so. What he does have what both Bosh and Bargs lack is a clear idea of what he wants to do on the floor and how he’s going to go about doing it.

Sam is acting like a stubborn mule who thinks he knows whats best for the team. What is the reason that Garbajosa who played 24 effective minutes against Indiana didn’t even get a chance to play some defense on Croshere, Harrington or even Azubuike. Is he not even worth of a minute, maybe just to see how he can handle the players that nobody in our lineup had success against in the post? Is he that unworthy of even being given a chance in a matchup where he had 18 points and 11 rebounds a year ago? Please explain this incestual logic Sam?? Wait, you can’t because you believe that this is a team where the lineup is dictated by the “current matchups” and while that is true nobody takes it to the extreme of benching players for games at a time without ANY reasoning.

We lost this game because of poor production from Bosh/Bargs and subpar games from Kapono and Parker. If it weren’t for TJ Ford carrying us yet again while everybody else was laying an egg, this would’ve been a blowout early. Chuck and Leo (almost unbearable to listen to) can make all the excuses they want for Bargs but you can’t help but think you’d get more out of Humphries if given the same PT. Yeah, our future center is coming off the bench but wait, it’s not a demotion, Maceo Baston is just a better fit. How f***in ridiculous does that sound? We barely deserved to win the Indiana game and definitely didn’t this one. Don Nelson called enough pick ‘n roll with the right people to put his players in advantageous matchups and there was nothing we could do but watch as Monta Ellis, Kellena Azubuike and crew did enough cutting to the right places where they found themselves so wide open and got so many shots that they were bound to start hitting them sooner or later.

I’m out for now, probably will spew more shit later. Grab the feed.

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