Toronto vs. Dallas, 7pm

No time for a regular-length post today. Gotta get life all wrapped up before I hit a Christmas Non-Denominational Holiday Party, where my focus turns from basketball to getting my greedy little fingers on all the drink tickets I can. 

I’m going to record the game, but chances are I’ll get home and just fast foward to the 4th. The second half of an away-to-home back to back, riding the emotions of the nauseating and sobering events in Atlanta, playing one of the best teams in the league…I pretty much know how this is going to go down. 

That being said, there is always the Absolutes of Sport to consider. And it’s not like our backup PG is Tyronn Lue or Jeff McInnis. Add home court and a team playing from the heart to the knowledge that we can score and defend against this team, and anything can happen (The NBA: Where anything happens!). Plus, the Mavs have been struggling of late, going 3-6 in an uncharacteristic stretch of futility. And they didn’t even play the Warriors. If we can glue a couple defenders to Dirk the way we did to T-Mac and Josh Smith, he can be contained. Remember the Lead That Got Away, 2007 Edition? You can bet the Raptors do.

Hopefully our boys will keep their composure and win this one for TJ. 

Girl Talk: Josh Howard

until any of you broads gets taken to his grandma’s house in winston-salem you are absolutely nothing to him…and i don’t profess to be his girlfriend…but that’s my boy (cuz we were cool way b4 i started giving him some pussy)by the way… to the dudes hating…trust me, if you had the well endowed body he does pussy would get thrown at you too…cuz i’d still be doing josh if he was broke… and still bringing a friend along cuz we both gonna be satisfied…     

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