25-20 (Round 2: Raptors)

  You know those fancy upper-crust masquerade soirées where everyone wears those little velvet pastel-colored Phantom of the Opera masks so that they can wander anonymously through the crowd? And the beautiful-on-the-inside (read: ugly) common chambermaid, who’s stolen her passed-out employers outfit, slips on her gown and mask (which fit perfectly) whereby she summons up… Read more »


Why did Washington bother making the trip?

Washington Wizards 83, Toronto Raptors 122 Before the game I was thinking that the only way I would’ve even been remotely pleased by the outcome of this game would’ve been if we managed to crushed them by 30. But even after beating them by 39 I still couldn’t shake of Tuesday night’s loss in Washington…. Read more »


24-20 (Round 1: Wizards)

CCCRRRRACCCCKKKKK! Thats sound you heard echoing from the southwestern tip of Ontario was the breaking of a fanbase’s collective heart. True, we didn’t deserve to win this game, and true, we got lucky on more than one occasion, but deep down (above the beer gut and behind your man-boobs) we all felt like somehow, some… Read more »


Got that sick feeling in your stomach? Me too

Toronto Raptors 104, Washington Wizards 108 You would think after earning an undeserved lifeline courtesy of Anthony Parker the Raptors would play five minutes of good basketball tonight. It didn’t happen and we crumbled to a miserable defeat at the hands of the Wizards who played without Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas. Before we start… Read more »


Toronto vs. Washington, 7:00pm

Gilbert. Caron. Antawn. That’s a formidable three, right up there with those guys in Boston (Powe, Posey, and Scalabrine). So when Gibby went down, Washington was supposed to drop faster than an Israeli hand-glider over Gaza. So what the hell are they doing a mere .5 games behind us in the conference standings? Well, Caron… Read more »


The Dinosty Presents: All-Star Selections

On the weekend of Feb. 17, NBA’s most talented fashion criminals (plus some real criminals) will take over New Orleans for NBA All-Star weekend. But before we make a single obvious metaphor or smarmy condescending remark, I must tip my hat toque to the guys at Hardwood Paroxysm, who have defied all odds and actually… Read more »



Congrats. You guys seem to be back to beating teams you’re supposed to beat. – Matt M. aka “the Linkmaster” from Hardwood Paroxysm. We had a better percentage in every offensive statistic, more boards, more assists, more steals, more blocks, and less turnovers. That’s a pretty decisive asskicking. When was the last time we heard… Read more »


A Spanish Soliloquy

Dear Senor Stoudamire, Como estas? My friends Juan Carlos and Pau have shared with me rumors of your unsatisfaction in Graceville. And today I awoke after a long night of drinking cervezas with beautiful women to read on major sports leader, the ESPN, that you are considering ze great powerhouse of Boston along with the… Read more »


23-19 (Dinosty 1, Boston 0)

  I know! I couldn’t believe it either!  I’ll take credit for this one. In my game day post I all but guaranteed a Boston victory. Of course, it was just a little inverse motivation (I don’t think reverse psychology is the correct term). Lo and behold, it worked! So while the ‘media’ and the… Read more »


Down goes Boston! Down goes Boston!

Toronto Raptors 114, Boston Celtics 112 What a game! The Raptors take out Boston in a clutch and tense affair which put a premium on the proverbial ice in the veins. Jose Calderon’s two clutch free throws followed by a decisive drive to the rim for a three point-play put the Raptors up by two…. Read more »