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Raptors vs. Pistons, 7pm (and I’m not harping on the ESPN tragedy, don’t worry)



Those guys are all professionals. They play well, they play hard, they understand the game … they’re just good. I don’t know what else you can say. – Sam Mitchell, on the Detroit Pistons Don’t know what else to say? That’ll inspire faith from your fan base. How about “Don’t let them intimidate you”? Or   …Continue Reading

I want R. Gay on this team and I’m not even talking about Rudy



Hear me out, just don’t flip at the thought of having one of the slimiest players to have ever played be on your team. Just listen. For a second ignore the gayness, ignore the sliminess, ignore the voice, ignore the face and just concentrate on his game. Yeah, I think Richard Jefferson would be a   …Continue Reading

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