Raptors vs. Kings, 7pm

I woke up what-should-be-this-morning (actually the middle of the night, LA’s three hours behind for some stupid reason) to feel something gently nuzzling up against my leg. At first I thought my cousin was being fresh, but looking down there’s my computer, it’s cord between its legs, little apple nose softly glowing. I guess that’s… Read more »


Detroit was too much but we can handle Sacramento

Sacramento Kings 91, Toronto Raptors 116 I don’t fancy the Raptors chances in an up and down, no defense, all offense affair where the first team to play some defense or go through a drought ends up losing the game. I’ve seen that movie before and have learned that there’s no thing as a “safe… Read more »



Dude, what the FUCK??? I just wrote a long, scathing post outlining every biased, unfathomable call the “professionals” with the whistles mad tonight. I click “save”, and it asks me for my password. I enter it, and all my words are GONE! I don’t have to explain how frustrating this is. This is even more… Read more »