Tonight’s win will mean little if we don’t win tomorrow. – The Arsenalist

That pretty much sums up today’s game against Philly. I only half-watched yesterday’s game (the 4pm start is smack in the middle of me hectic vacation schedule) but saw Anthony Johnson* deliver one of those 1980’s WWF tap-tap shoudler drops on Jose’s head. Was it just me, or did it look worse than it was? Jose pulled a Daniel Day-Lewis and crumbled like a Volkswagon fender…but the reaction came a good two full seconds after the contact was made, right? Well, maybe there was just a time delay on the Atlanta feed.

*Atlanta’s anonymous point guard, not to be confused with Denver’s anonymous Anthony, A. Carter.**

** But he does have a better beard than this A. Carter.

Once again…


It all started like this…

Apparently there isn’t enough chest-on-chest action in the traditional ‘high five’ for these guys.

And ended like this…

Kid’s rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, huh? Feed the twists!

Check it out! Stephen Dorff brough a homeless dude to the game with him.  Tired of  no longer able to afford the Four Seasons,  Stephen now stays in the FrigidAire cardboard box right next to this guy’s garbage-bag-and-bubble-wrap tent under the Gardiner. They hit it off instantly, and rumor has it they’re dating.

JSmoove and Jamario: Both young, athletic, versatile defenders. Both have no jumper. Both are…NBA Slam Dunk Champions?

Great box out, Carlos. Try not to break a sweat out there…could run your eyeliner.

Five Raptors in the paint? Photo evidence we don’t protect the perimeter.

I don’t remember this play. Anyone know if he blocked this?

Jose auditioning for Telemundo.

Dirty Bird?

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