Toronto vs. SINdiana 7:00

First, I want to say  thank you to everyone who offered their condolences yesterday. Now that I’ve calmed down and realized it could have been much worse – my PS3 (48 hrs old!), the Dinette’s jewelry and laptop, TV’s – I’m ready to buy a new laptop (insurance deductible is too high to claim) and move on…. Read more »


32-24, worst day

DiNote: I just got home from work to see my house broken into and my laptop stolen. Fucking furious. I had plans to finish this post, but obviously I’m not in much of a mood. I’ll put it out because otherwise it’s garbage, but it’s rough and raw.  Read it or don’t – I don’t… Read more »


T’Wolves hardly challenge as Raptors aim for a 8-4 month

Minnsesota Timberwolves 85, Toronto Raptors 107 A nice evening for the Raptors, not too much effort expended in an easy win over the Timberwolves which takes us to 8 games over .500. February’s almost over, a home win against Indiana will put us at 33-24 and we’ll end up going 8-4 for the month instead… Read more »


Toronto vs. Minnesota, 7pm (Snooze-Alert!)

Let it be known when I got into the office, I actually considered trading my tickets for tonight’s game for dry socks.  The Miami Heat might be the ‘worst’ team in the league, but if you ask me, Minnesota remains the worst team to play for. At least in Miami you’ve got sun, sand, and palm trees; in… Read more »



“We make a great job.” – Carlos Delfino     Yes, you certainly did make a great job Carlos, though without you and TJ we’d be counting this an L. Instead, this too-close-for-comfort game pushed us to 7 games over .500 for the first time this season. I guess this should be celebrated.   While I… Read more »


A nervy win in Indiana

Toronto Raptors 102, Indiana Pacers 98 Sometimes a win can overshadow many things that went wrong in a game and such was the case last night. This was a little too close to being a L for one’s liking. The Pacers sans Jermain O’Neal and Jamal Tinsley frustrated the Raptors by putting up a fight… Read more »



You’ll understand in a minute. Just like we thought, a blowout win. An “answer” to Friday’s game that frankly should have counted as two losses. If it’s okay with you, I’m gonna keep my brow furrowed until we know the outcome of tomorrow’s game in Indiana. They’re a team playing without two of their “stars”… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Knicks home ‘n home has a Washington feel

New York Knicks 92, Toronto Raptors 115 There’s a damn good reason why the Knicks are 17-39. They play selfish basketball, don’t communicate on defense, are horribly coached and are in general just a bad dysfunctional team. Despite all that, they managed to split a home and home against us. Just like one didn’t feel… Read more »


29-24, aka The Stinger That Keeps On Stingin’

Dear Jamario Moon, You’re a 27 year old rookie in the NBA. After last night, it is crystal clear why. Here’s a bit of free advice: If you want to stay in the NBA, take it to the rack. Let me say it again: TAKE. IT. TO. THE. RACK. Not once, not twice, but maybe… Read more »