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The Luckiest Man in Toronto… (oh, and there’s a game tonight)



  …is not a lottery winner, MuchMusic VJ, or Yorkville gynecologist, but this man: Ari Xenarios. The energetic small forward for the Ringers (TCSSC’s version of the Phoenix Suns), affectionately known as The Greek Streak* for his blazing speed, is also a broadcaster, the booming voice of the Humber Hawks and the UofT Blues. *As   …Continue Reading

Hakeem played hard when he was here, didn’t he?


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

I still can’t get over the Shaq trade, more specifically I can’t seem to look past Steve Kerr. When I see his scrawny little self standing next to Shaq on the podium welcoming the oft-injured, under-performing, overweight and declining center to Phoenix, I can’t help but get a flashback to him on those Bulls teams   …Continue Reading

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