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Hapless Nets blown out….again


Kyrie Irving

New Jersey Nets 91, Toronto Raptors 109 What I don’t like about a win like this is that gives fans a false sense of how good this team is, once you look at this game in the context of the Clippers and Spurs game, you get the true feel of things. So let’s enjoy this   …Continue Reading

Raptors vs. Nets, 7pm


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

  In our last game before the All-Star Break, 4th Assistant Coach Jay Triano is riding the bouncing pony tonight on the Replacement Coach Merry-Go-Round. Can’t wait to see which ill-advised lineups and defensive schemes he’ll break out to show Sam he should be “listened to”. TJ and Jose and Juan, all at the same   …Continue Reading

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