Raps beat ‘Cats to avenge earlier embarrassment

Toronto Raptors 104, Charlotte Bobcats 100 That was an extremely hard fought win which required our starters to play capacity minutes, anything less from them would’ve meant a loss. Chris Bosh, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Rasho Nesterovic logged 46, 41, 36 and 28 minutes, respectively, as Sam Mitchell’s hand was forced by the ineffectiveness… Read more »


Hornets efficiently dismantle Raptors

New Orleans Hornets 118, Toronto Raptors 111 I never quite figured out how the Raptors had won their earlier meeting with the Hornets so going into this one there was some optimism that we might be able to get a win against the West-leading Hornets who by all accounts are a vastly superior team. And… Read more »


Raps beat Knicks – Beggars can’t be choosers

NY Knicks 95, Toronto Raptors 103 Beggars can’t be choosers so we can’t be getting too picky about the type of wins we get as long as they’re wins. Despite missing Robinson, Marbury, Randolph and Curry, the Knicks put up a very commendable fight and if it weren’t for their bad FT shooting and blown… Read more »


Game Day: Knicks come to town

It used to be that you’d circle the Knicks coming to town when the schedule came out, now it’s an after-thought even on game day. Coming off the Detroit win, this should be a walk in the park for any playoff team (East or West) but we’ll see if the Raptors can match their intensity,… Read more »


High quality Raptors beat Pistons for feel-good win

Detroit Pistons 82, Toronto Raptors 89 It’s good that Jose Calderon could see what Sam Mitchell couldn’t: that TJ Ford is best suited as a starter and coming off the bench for him isn’t exactly second nature. These sentiments were being echoed by fans well before the media had the temerity to even suggest a… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Potpourri + Podcast #4

Let’s start things of with an interesting discussion going on in a remote part of this blog concerning race. It’s fascinating stuff! Once you’re done understanding what constitutes white and what doesn’t, let’s move along to Chris Bosh’s birthday bash held on Sunday night which privileged blogger Dinosty had the chance of attending. I can’t… Read more »


Déjà vu: Raptors offense stalls when it counts

Toronto Raptors 100, Denver Nuggets 109 Déjà vu. Just like in Cleveland, in a tight game coming out of a timeout with 2:09 left, Jamario Moon finds himself open from 25 feet and clangs a jumper, Denver scores on the ensuing possession and a Bosh turnover combined with an Iverson three puts this one to… Read more »


Bacary Sagna’s goal

I don’t feel like putting anything else up, let me know if you really want to see Drogba score twice on us and I’ll make it happen. We’re toast in the league, our only chance of silverware this season is the Champions League. Watch :: Download

Raptors lose another “statement game” to Cleveland

Toronto Raptors 83, Cleveland Cavaliers 90 Depending on your Raptor beliefs you can look at this one in a few different ways: 1) All in all a good effort by the Raps, too much Lebron in the end 2) Jose sat for way too long in the third/fourth quarter during which time Cleveland went +6,… Read more »

Raptors take out frustration on Miami

Miami Heat 54, Toronto Raptors 96 This game was not a barometer to measure how effective the Raptors are but merely a simple test to check whether the Raptors are still interested in playing basketball this season. Turns out they are. At some point in this game you had to feel sorry for the Miami… Read more »