Very thankful to Seattle for a win

Seattle SuperSonics 106, Raptors 114 Thank God for those 22 Seattle turnovers. After the first half it looked liked the Raptors were going to embark on their upcoming 5-game Western nightmare coming off another no-defense lazy loss, but whatever was said at halftime (pretty obvious stuff) sparked the Raps. They finally got around to playing… Read more »

Minutes before this game starts…

   …what is the Chuck Swirsky “Kevin Durant Compliment” over/under? I’m talking voluntary, distinct, and unprovoked fellatio.   I say 7.5. 5 We’ll Hear For Sure  “Leo, this kid is something else. He’s got the complete package.” “No matter where this team ends up, they have got a bright future so long as #35 is around.”… Read more »