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Very thankful to Seattle for a win


Seattle SuperSonics 106, Raptors 114 Thank God for those 22 Seattle turnovers. After the first half it looked liked the Raptors were going to embark on their upcoming 5-game Western nightmare coming off another no-defense lazy loss, but whatever was said at halftime (pretty obvious stuff) sparked the Raps. They finally got around to playing   …Continue Reading

Minutes before this game starts…


   …what is the Chuck Swirsky “Kevin Durant Compliment” over/under? I’m talking voluntary, distinct, and unprovoked fellatio.   I say 7.5. 5 We’ll Hear For Sure  “Leo, this kid is something else. He’s got the complete package.” “No matter where this team ends up, they have got a bright future so long as #35 is around.”   …Continue Reading

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