Beating Miami is the first step to recovery

Chris Bosh is officially back tonight against the Heat and in all seriousness, he could’ve taken another game off. If there’s one team we can beat without Bosh, it has to be Miami, especially with Wade, Haslem and Marion (questionable, back) out. Tonight’s a win but what counts is the three games after that: @Cleveland, vs. Denver and vs. Detroit. Win two of those three and confidence is high rolling into the final 11.

I’m waiting for Jose Calderon to perhaps blog about the TJ situation and see what his take on it is. He last blogged on March 14th after the Laker game probably after he had dinner with his Spanish buddies. C’mon Jose, tell us your free agent thoughts. Can Calderon take a back seat to TJ on this team next year? I don’t think his talent and/or competitive spirit will allow it, he might be quiet about it for the sake of preserving a team atmosphere but he knows he’s good enough to start and is probably expecting it. The Sun article has Sam Mitchell trying to force the role of backup on TJ while admitting it’s going to be really tough for TJ and the team.

“He’s making a lot of adjustments and it’s difficult when you’ve never had to adjust to this role. It’s an adjustment for our team, too.”

One question. Why not just start him and solve the problem? With the playoffs approaching, this isn’t the time to be forcing roles on people but to get everybody in a comfortable setting while being on the same page. At least for this season, start TJ. I understand you don’t want to piss off Calderon too much but you can always reassure him in private and avoid affecting the on-court product.

The Boston win over Houston last night was impressive. It was complete domination, it wasn’t like the Rockets just had a bad game, the Celtics enforced their defensive will over the Rockets and T-Mac and Alston were helpless in trying to create and/or score. The Celtics are the best team in the league, the Lakers and Pistons are 2a and 2b. Agree? Speaking of Alston, Doug Smith tells us his issues with the Raptors had more to do with Jalen Rose and Vince Carter than Sam Mitchell. Nice to hear this from Doug, albeit a few years too late.

Rafer’s biggest problem here wasn’t Sam, it was his teammates, including one J. Rose, who used to make little subtle cracks about players being in new roles here and wondering whether they could handle them, and one V. Carter, whose on-again, off-again effort caused Alston much grief because, I’m told, Skip was as competitive as they come and he couldn’t handle half-baked effort.

Jorge Garbajosa is caught in a crossfire where he’s a not-so-innocent bystander. He’s loyal to his country first and then to his club, if you ask him who’s being the ass in the lawsuit, he’ll undoubtedly believe it’s the Raptors but will stick with the professional quote:

“I don’t like it because I’m a Raptors player and I’m a Spanish basketball player, but it is something that I cannot control and it is not happening to me.”

I can’t get over him playing in meaningless summer games last year, it was a selfish act which has put a damper on this season. That’s the difference between him and Bosh, one has a sense of rationalism while the other is all about España when España could care less since España’s already qualified for the Olympics.

If we don’t win tonight, houses will be burned.

Till after the game. Go Kansas.

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