Expiring contracts, TJ Ford and more

Sam Smiths’ reporting that the Raptors are actively looking to package TJ Ford along with some expiring contracts in a trade that would also involve the Heat’s #2 pick. The report also states that Calderon will be the starting PG come next year and the Raptors are hoping a team can look past TJ Ford’s… Read more »


Raps start pre-draft camp + MLSE looking at England

Blogs and new age media are a great thing and provide a candid, sometimes humorous perspective, but you often come across pieces written without any knowledge of the player/team/GM in question. Consider this little brief analysis of our friend Joey Graham from Hoopsworld: “He improved a lot this past year, became a more reliable player”… Read more »


Slow Saturday….Josh Howard anyone?

‘Tis a slow news day when you start off with Vince Carter opening up a restaurant with his Mom. I got a sneak-peek taste of the menu and there doesn’t appear to be much heart or effort put into the steak. When you first look at it you get a sense that it might have… Read more »


Gallinari better than Bargnani? + We’re not alone in the pursuit for CDR

The Knicks are high on Danilo Gallinari and one longtime Eastern Conference European scout had the following to say: “He’s better than [Andreas] Bargnani, no question….The guy doesn’t back down from anybody. You’re in his face. He’ll get right back at them….The only Europeans who succeed in the NBA are the tough ones. The Italian… Read more »


RJ to TO unlikely + Bargnani’s mouth breathing + Nicolas Batum

OK, nothing much Raptor related going on but we have confirmation that Carmelo Anthony will not be traded. Great, what this means is that Kiki Vandeweghe who had expressed an interest is heartbroken. Maybe he’ll turn his attention to the Raptors and be willing to part with Richard Jefferson for something other than Andrea Bargnani…. Read more »


NBA Lottery results no good for Raptors

The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days. The Bulls won the NBA lottery which sets the stage for John Paxson to do something really funky with the #1 pick – like draft a Euro and ignoring the plethora of NCAA talent. Lightning doesn’t strike twice and he’ll end up bringing Derrick Rose… Read more »


Shit from here and there

I almost made a post on Sunday but the Celtics Game 7 win didn’t sit right with the stomach. There’s a team in the conference finals that has yet to win a road game, isn’t this a little sad? The Lebravs had this game but he took a very bad shot down 3 late in… Read more »

Crosshair: Chris Bosh

Criticizing Chris Bosh doesn’t seem natural to most Raptors fans including myself. I almost feel guilty saying anything negative about him or calling him out because he is clearly our best player and without him we’re a lottery team.To some degree this franchise indebted to Bosh for carrying it over the last couple years and… Read more »