Shit from here and there

I almost made a post on Sunday but the Celtics Game 7 win didn’t sit right with the stomach. There’s a team in the conference finals that has yet to win a road game, isn’t this a little sad? The Lebravs had this game but he took a very bad shot down 3 late in the fourth and failed to keep Paul Pierce away on a Big-Z vs. Posey jumpball. Ballgame right there. As Lang Whitaker explains the result was hardly his fault, Cleveland’s a good defensive team but they run plays for Delonte West in the clutch. There’s something highly fucked about that. Turns out the only guy who doesn’t choke on oxygen for the Celtics is PJ Brown. The sad shit that is Kevin Garnett couldn’t buy a field goal when it counted and if Bosh had taken similar shots down the stretch he would’ve been a candidate for castration on every blog and RealGM for weeks. Anywho, Celtics = cunts. Very big ones.

Rasho exercising the 8-mil option on his deal was quite predictable, he’s a nice enough guy with a dry sense of humor, a good jumper and great fundamentals on defense but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if he’s worth 8 million dollars. If the plan is to rebuild, Rasho should be at best spelling Bargnani for 10-15 minutes a game while Andrea feast or famines it for 35+. The best Colangelo could’ve done here is buy him out and spend the money on that elusive scorer, but he doesn’t strike me as a man that’s into giving free money.

I have a sick feeling the Knicks are going to get the top pick. The NBA can’t afford to have a shit-stain of a franchise in New York for too long. The Knicks have the 5th highest chance of winning but they’re the front runners to do so. Mike D’Antoni’s NY signing also came after he secretly met with David Stern who assured him that he’ll get the #1 pick as long as it means NY becomes more than a treadmill team that would get swept in a 7-game series by the Charlotte Sting. How’s that for conspiracy theories? I’m probably not that far off. In other lottery news, Jay-Z will be repping the Nets in Secaucus.

There was a Raptor article in the Toronto Star today, it’s about Raptors scout Masai Ujiri giving back to Nigeria. Cry me a river. Seriously though, nice guy. You think this post is weak? Doug Smith’s “reporting” that the Raptors would give permission to any team who would want to interview our assistant coaches. No fucking shit Doug! These guys are dying for that chance and to hold it from them would be like denying them water in the middle of the desert. He’s also really bewildered why Phoenix and Chicago haven’t approached them for their coaching vacancy. I can get that one for you Doug: It’s because our offensive and defensive system is a fucking joke and reflects badly on our entire staff, not just Mitchell.

Miami’s plan is to land a free agent power forward and if they do I hope they can give us Udonis Haslem in exchange for TJ Ford. Chris Quinn and J-Will aren’t cutting it in Miami and Ford might be a good fit with the high-flying Shawn Marion on the wing and a double-team-inducing guard in Wade. I’m probably pipe-dreaming again.

Jay Bilas wants to tweak the draft. Who cares? Then there’s this guy who’s comparing Lebron James to Allen Iverson because of their NBA Finals run. This guy must be born of parents who were siblings.

Till tomorrow. Enjoy Game 7.

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