Nathan Jawai Highlights (Cop-out post)

I’m in Vancouver for work. So here’s a cop-out post containing highlights of the future Raptors Hall of Famer: Better post later (maybe?): Highlights: [youtube=] Highlights: [youtube=] Interview: [youtube=] Warriors Pre-draft Interview: [youtube=] Jazz Pre-draft Interview: [youtube=] NBA Draft Aussie Prospects: [youtube=]


The Saturday Morning Post: What’s next for the Raptors?

Let’s look at the changes to our roster so far: Additions: Roko Ukic, Jermaine O’Neal, Nathan Jawai Subtractions: TJ Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, Maceo Baston, Carlos Delfino Bryan Colangelo is working towards having a “nice, lean roster” for next year which sounds like a good enough idea. What he doesn’t mention is having an athletic roster… Read more »


Draft endorses TJ Ford trade but Colangelo too quiet

First off, thanks to everybody who participated in the live draft blog, those who stayed through the whole 5 hours and the ones who swung by for 20 minutes. It was fun. After a night of wheeling and dealing in New York where the Raptors were hardly involved in anything, there is a new light… Read more »


T minus 1: No sign of what the Raptors might do

Let’s start off the day with Chad Ford’s mock draft which insists on us taking Robin Lopez at #17. I don’t see it happening unless Brandon Rush, CDR or even Donte Greene are already taken. There’s no doubt that drafting a hustle-type big man is the easier thing to do, there’s far less expectations from… Read more »


TJ Ford + #17 + Rasho for Jermaine O’Neal

Update: Deal goes down! The Indianapolis Star is reporting. This is also confirmed (copied?) by Doug Smith. Obviously we’re taking a big gamble if this goes down but I’m all for the proactive nature of this deal, once again giving up the #17 pick hurts but I wouldn’t be terribly upset at this move. O’Neal’s… Read more »


Sunday shakedown

The free agent camp continued yesterday but so far no reporter has covered the proceedings. Check Smith’s or Grange’s blog, maybe they got something. Eric Smith tells us of some of the things he saw. There’s also this scrum interview with Marerresse Speights. I know I’m reaching to get the Raptor fill for this post…. Read more »


More workouts, Houston likes Rush and Arsenalist’s Friday Mailbag

More workouts yesterday as Roy Hibbert and Donte Greene showed of their game. Nicolas Batum called in sick even though he had taken a physical on Wednesday, the Raptors hope to reschedule something with him before next Thursday but its going to be tough. Eric Smith did a blog about the workouts although he’s not… Read more »