Robin Lopez makes his mark

I’m looking through my RSS reader and finding zilch from Doug Smith, Michael Grange and Eric Smith concerning yesterday’s workouts at the ACC. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but on this note I’d like to point to Oregon Live as having the best basketball coverage for a home team.

Jim Kelly had this to say about yesterday’s workouts:

“For us to get the quality of big men in … we’re not down in the lottery, that was a great workout for us in terms of level of play and quality of players and players that we might draft as well”

And this to say about Lopez:

“He might not be the most graceful, his brother is probably a little more polished, but yet, he is a true five (centre) who likes to bang.”

Lopez was the most conditioned athlete in yesterday’s workouts and although its still early he looks to be the prototypical banger that us fans salivate at, especially when watching Anderson Varejao dunk over Bosh for game winners. The rest of the crew from yesterday showed up for nothing but the Airmiles.

There’s videos of every player from yesterday here.

Hear ye, hear ye…TJ Ford is rumoured to be a good fit for the Spurs by Hoopshype who think he’ll be OK playing backup to Tony Parker. Haha..that made me laugh out loud indeed, if you got trouble focusing when playing behind JC who’s the most amicable guy you could possibly ask for, how do you think he’ll fit in with the Spurs? Can he put his “I’m a starter” ego away and accept Tony Parker as his permanent superior? You’d think in the interest of a championship he’d do that but this is TJ Ford and at this young age he’s trying to establish himself as a full-time NBA starting point guard, other stuff doesn’t matter right now. Maybe later it will, but not right now.

Some bad news out of Sacramento, Ron Artest is likely to stay. Of all the players available in the draft and free agency, he’s the one guy that I would bring over to the Raptors. He’s apprehensive that if he opts out he’ll end up taking a pay cut. He’s making 8.4M right now which I think is quite reasonable for a man of his talent given the inflated NBA market (thanks Rashard). I’d go to 9M for Artest and hand him a 3 year deal, if it doesn’t work out you could always trade him. He’s a guy that’ll always have trade value, much like TJ Ford.

As a Letterman guy, it pisses me off that Bosh is reporting for Jay Leno. What pisses me off even more is that he’s actually reporting for anyone. I appreciate his sense of humour and all but you don’t see Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett doing this kind of stuff. When your team gets humiliated in a tournament you’re supposed to carry that feeling for a while. Am I being a bitch? Probably.

Roy Hibbert likes the Jazz and the Jazz appear to like him. Brandon Rush worked out for the Magic who already have 9 shooting guards so I doubt there’ll be interest there. Let’s keep an eye on Rush’s workouts and see what other teams think of him, he might be a steal at #17.

You know how much I love to shit on the Bleacher Report, here’s another example, in their analysis of the Raptors they say this: “The only area with a real weakness may be center”. Did you guys watch a single Raptors game?

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