Jack Armstrong’s back on TSN

Start off today with Ron Ron landing in Houston for Bobby Jackson, a 1st rounder and the always shrouded in mystery ‘player to be named later’. Luol Deng is also staying in the East after re-upping with Chicago but I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the Bulls or not.

Tim Chisholsm is one of the most objective writers in Toronto and he’s put out a piece that makes a lot of sense and echoes a lot of things I said yesterday in my post. Mainly that we’ve got some talent up-front and Calderon’s dependable but after that depth becomes a question mark and the replacements hired for next season might not measure up. Check out the article, its a good read no matter which end of the realism spectrum you’re on.

Jack Armstrong has moved to TSN and will call the games with Matt Devlin. Leo Rautins gets to call games on The Score and CBC. Hopefully TSN gets 60 games this year so we can hear Jack yell out Hello! every time a cheerleader doing a split is shown on TV. He remains the only analyst who can get away with a reaction like that.

Now that our summer signings are done, all thats left to do is wait for training camp to start and see which one of our scrubbies gets to start. If you saw any of Hassan Adams in the summer league you’re probably thinking that Jamario Moon’s got the step on him. That leaves us with Joey G who will only have to fight off Adams to be second in the pecking order at the SF spot. If anything this summer’s been good for Graham, he got some run in Vegas and will get to have more playing time simply because of the Delfino exit.

The man from Hoops Addict is having a tournament of scrubs, I nominated Kris Humphries for the Raptors. I figured he’s the only guy that plays hard enough to warrant a ‘garbage man’ role. Plus, don’t you just love it when he goes into MJ mode and starts shooting 15-footers that hit all glass and no rim? It would almost be fun to see that if it weren’t for the fact that it’s the fourth quarter and we’re down two.

Those deranged quacks over at The Bleacher Report have an article about the Jermaine O’Neal trade, a bit late, no? I guess they realized this and remedied the situation by piling up another heap of trash, this one annoints us possible EC champs.

That’s it for today.

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