Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Win tickets to the home opener in a random “contest”


The contest is now closed and the winner has been announced here. We got two tickets to giveaway for the home-opener against the Warriors on October 31st. We thought of having a contest where you answer some questions and then we select from the people who answered correctly but that’s too much work on everybody’s… Read more »


Top 5 List: Why The Raps Will Be 1 & Done…Again!


5. Jamario Moon Seems like his success from last season made him ‘fat’. It doesn’t appear he worked very much on his game during the summer, case in point: his jumper. For a guy who likes to shoot so much, and apparently has free reign to do so, it doesn’t fall nearly enough to justify… Read more »

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Mitchell: Good coach, bad team or bad team, good coach


They say history repeats itself. So if we study it we should have some understanding of how the future will play out. Take for example the Raptors head coaching position. Let’s quickly run through the list: Malone, Walker, Carter, Wilkens, O’Neill and Mitchell. Aside from maybe Malone, not a single coach has left on even… Read more »