Roll Call

Roll Call – Nov 7 vs Hawks

The “we don’t need no steeeeinkin’ perimeter defense” edition.

Adams – he brought something unique to the floor. Nothing. Almost 4 minutes of play and not a tick on the box score. Nothing. All zeroes. Well, –10. This is the job I need. “Scott, come on in and we will pay you to do absolutely nothing.”

Bargnani – I continue to be happy with the flashes I see from him this year. Hopefully at one point the flashes mesh together to become at least a consistent blaze. If Colangelo continues to not care about defense outside the paint (which is apparent), then Bargs can’t be criticized about his D.

Bosh – people talk about JO’s fire, but even in this department Bosh outshines O’Neal. That tech was something that made me actually sit up and take notice. Nice to see him finally confront the fact he gets no calls. Do that more often and the refs will begin to talk about, and notice, you. A solid 37min game, getting to the line 12 times.


Calderon – 12 assists. That’s all that was good about his game. Maybe when he signed his new deal he needed to celebrate by trying to guard a bunch of 6 year olds on a schoolyard. There is no way this guy deserves AllStar consideration until he can prove he can stop somebody. May sound harsh, but it’s true. Quit your pointing and hunker down and DEFEND.

Graham – 3 boards and 3 points in 10 minutes and about as invisible as that hot girlfriend you told you parents you had in Grade 9.

Humphries – six minutes in mostly garbage time, but a game I don’t think he could have brought the team much more. Bosh and O’Neal were on fire and if O’Neal stays out of foul trouble, no way should my man Humph see much more than 10min. Especially if you are taking jumpers as soon as you are subbed in. Quit hanging with Hammyario.

Jawai – wearing his heart on the sleeve of a nice suit.

Kapono – I think that may have been the earliest he has seen the floor all year. Nice to see him put the ball on the floor a few times, yet no 3pt attempts in 30min?? While I appreciate the 7/15 effort, you have to play to your strengths: hitting 3s and hitting that hot wife of yours. And by hitting, I don’t mean Kidd-ing her.

Moon – burned more often than a 12 year old in new braces.  I know most of you bellow on about him taking jumpers, but my god……you have arms as long as an elephants trunk and yet rather than stand in front of a guy and put them up, you fly-by on almost every occasion?? Really? You know you can’t go for an alley-oop while on D, right son?  Oh, and in surfing the web, I found this photo of Hammyario’s high school coach taking another young student through defensive drills.

O’Neal – “Hello, Mr. O’Neal. It’s your game calling. Thank you for catching up on your payments. We have re-installed your service.” A good all-around game from a man that we need night in and night out. Unfortunately his effort was wasted because he has taken control of our salary cap and we can offer no outside help, but, still. Only thing that worried me? Didn’t play a ton of minutes, but if he has to grab his shorts and look like he has just done an all-nighter with her, then he needs to step up his conditioning program stat.

Parker – just didn’t have it. Made a sweet dish to Bosh in the first, but just wasn’t the Parker we need to pull out a win. As Jack said, he wasn’t moving his feet well, his head didn’t seem in it, and it was an uncharacteristic effort. Everbody deserves a night off. Let’s just hope that is what it was. Have noticed, though, that when manned up with younger guys, it does present a problem.

Solomon – Will the Thrill!! Yeah, not so much. Still did a lot more than Ukic both on the stat sheet and on the floor, and showed he can be a backup if needed. Also thought it was an interesting look with both him and Calderon on the floor. Love to see that used against a slower backup unit.

Ukic – did you like that hoof warm-up action he did when he entered the game? That was impressive. The rest of his night? Not so much. Some claimed this guy would be scratching at double doubles in a lot of games. I think he is more apt  to be scratching at horse-like nose while sitting on the bench going through Jawai’s latest test results and laughing at pulling down NBA salaries.

Driving The Bus:  Jermaine O’Neal

Under The Bus:    Anthony Parker

Game Theme:      Viewing material for Jamario

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