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Roll Call – Nov 12th vs 76ers


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

The “didn’t somebody say the Sixers are overrated” edition. Adams – remember when you tripped over that little bump in the sidewalk on your way to school? Stubbed your toe and stumbled? You get annoyed wondering what it was doing there……thinking aloud that somebody put it there just to piss you off? Hassan Adams. Bargnani   …Continue Reading

Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers Live Chat & Blog



Live chat here. Game over. A fourth quarter that was uglier than Maurizio in just a bath towel garners a 106-96 loss to the Sixers. Wheels coming off again….6:51 left and we are back to looking like a loss. 93-80 Philly. Turnovers coming back to haunt us again. Roko finally enters the game and we   …Continue Reading

Philly tonight but we’re still not over Boston + More Mitchell aggravation + Bargnani trade talk



Download the Opening Tip here. It’s Philly looking for revenge tonight at the ACC but its hard to focus on this game with what happened on Monday. That loss hurt enough to bother me for another couple weeks, just long enough until we play Boston again. So circle Sunday November 23rd on the calendar and   …Continue Reading

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