Thank God for the Heat


Jose Calderon…Que Pasa? Raptors 101, Heat 95 Shouldn’t have been that close. We said that four times last season, and twice so far this year. What does it say about the Raptors when the Heat overcame a 17 point deficit, take the lead, and came within a couple plays/shats to win the game? It say’s… Read more »

Raptors vs Heat Live Blog/Chat


Raps win! Roll Call will come early morning and Raps Fan will bring the post-game post around the same time. Quick thoughts: Who knew AP could be clutch? Bargnani with a strong game, got involved early unlike the Magic game. Another huge double-double from Bosh/JO – 5th straight. JO haters, what do you have to… Read more »


Bosh effort wasted as Magic beat Raps. Again.


Will Solomon trying some crazy shit that’s never going to work Raptors 90, Magic 103 For most of the game my emotions ranged somewhere between “hating Will Solomon” to “despising Will Solomon”. Towards the end they went from “feeling sorry for Bosh” to “thank heavens we extended that 3-point streak” and finally ended with the… Read more »