Roll Call

Roll Call – Nov 21 vs Nets

The “isn’t this booing getting old” edition.

Adams – booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. “Let’s Go Raptors! Hey Bryan…Nice Pickup!!”

Bargnani – fantastic game doing a great job of exploiting mismatches. A few hiccups on the defensive end, but they were offset by sweet looks and a great effort. Horrible brainfart on the inbounds play in the fourth, though.

Bosh – not much to say. Typical effort from Bosh. Yi and Lopez are a formidable front line to get around, but he broke them down early.  May just be me, but he looked like he remembered the playoff embarrassment and wanted to get a little payback, 2 years too late. People say he shouldn’t take 20footers, but he hits them more than some of our guys hit layups.


Calderon – a double double and just a stellar shooting night. Almost perfect from the field, 3pts and the line. Crazy stuff. That said, for the love of Jessica Alba, get to work on your D. He is quickly earning the nickname of Pinwheel. Hunker down and play hard. Not everybody is better than you, but Jose is making it appear that way. Harris was ill and feeling sick the whole game and Calderon just opened up and said ahhhh…come on in.

Graham – hello? Donnie Walsh? Have I got a deal for you…… Yes, I am calling from Toronto. Hello? Hello?

Humphries – a great opportunity to take advantage of Carter HO going primadonna, but he didn’t show up. A flash here and there, but not enough to warrant extra floor time down the road. Disappointing. Running the floor in overtime was the only good thing he provided. Horrible turnovers.

Jawai – the only Raptor that has a bigger heart than Vince Carter.

Kapono – he must have been hiding under towels all night, because he barely saw the floor. Trade? Trade?? Is he gonna be traded??

Moon – nice D on that last play, Bama Pride. How far have you fallen that you are now playing a sub-10min overtime game? Scary thing is, you still don’t look like you care.

O’Neal – started nicely, very active on D, moved well with his feet. Still not hitting shots, but he had enough help tonight that it didn’t matter. Then…at 8:58 eastern time. It happened. HO became our new Vince. With a flare for the dramatic and looking like he got pinged by a sniper, he was hoping for a solid 10 from the Russian judge and only got a 9, so he left the game. HOpe he gets better soon.

Parker – CLUTCH. He got burned by Vince at the end of regulation, but kept us alive at the end of OT by hitting a shot heard round the ACC. It was so good Hassan Adams broke a sweat.

Solomon – I liked this guy a little. I like how active he is, I like how he hustles for loose balls. I also like how he might be the new Hoffa and will possibly be booed at every home game as long as he is a Raptor. Unlike Hoffa, though, Will might deserve it. How bad can Roko be that Will is still getting more time?

Ukic – boooooo. You suck man. Will Solomon owns your ass. Oh and you have the face of a horse.

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    Kris Humphries

Game Theme:      I’m scared

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