Roll Call

Roll Call – Nov 23 vs Celtics

The “what, you expect us to play D as well??” edition.

Adams – well, well……look who saw the floor. And, hey, look who is sporting the TMAC Shoulder Pad 4000.  How nice. Guess he must have damaged it turning the handle on his door at home when he ordered Domino’s.

Bargnani – continues to be head and shoulders above last season. Couple nice shots of him running his own fingers through his hair. Work that gel, Andrea, work that gel.

Bosh – gotta admit I am on the fence here. Is the proper reaction to walk away from your team during the game? It certainly sends a message, but the correct one? I think no, but if it works, so be it. I would have loved to see him lay into his guys on the bench in-game, but as long as he lets it flow in the locker room, all good. Garnett played textbook D on the guy, yet Bosh was able to rattle off 24 points.


Calderon – his D is just horrendous. Full stop. Can he find his teammates on a fast break? You bet…but how often do we do it? You take that one advantage away from him and his subpar effort on defense just gets magnified. To offset it, run more. Listen to your coach and “go go go”. Jose ran a one person fastbreak today and it was embarrassing.

Graham – not quite sure why he came in for Hump when he did. Not sure at all. Makes me wonder if Sam is maybe showing what he does have for talent, which isn’t much. His big body could have served us well today, but he was ineffective and pulled.

Humphries – nice hustle, great work in a crowd. Exactly the energy we needed with HO being down and exactly what he didn’t bring against Jersey, where it could have been a difference maker. As is typical, he faded late in the game.  Took 2 great charges to try and stem the tide as well.

Jawai – you know a song I really like? Heart of Glass by Blondie.

Kapono – took absolutely no shots, yet was a +11. Man, I love that stat. So telling on how great a player a guy like Kapono is, right? Don’t know why you guys are all over this guy. He is +11 against the NBA Champs baby!!!  No shots. Dreadful.

Moon – came out hard and showed some energy. That’s how you play with a chip. Unfortunately it was more of a ripple than a chip. Actually shot at a 50% clip but was a bit over the top on D, picking up some silly fouls. Still, better game than most this year.

O’Neal – Guess Devlin made it over to the HO house and rubbed enough Tiger Balm on Franchise Jrs knee. He shouldn’t have played. Was this game that important? Neither the coach nor the GM should have allowed it. You don’t want to be embarrassed, get more talent  on this team, don’t throw a guy on the floor that is on the verge of possibly going down for a while. That was one of the dumbest decisions I have seen this franchise make.

Parker – add another to the inconsistency wheel that is AP’s season so far. I agree with Devlin when he said Parker may be working too hard on D and that is taking away from his offensive game, but even on that side of the ball he isn’t performing up to standards. He is one guy, though, that I do believe if he can string together a few good games, he gets on a roll.

Solomon – no thrill for the Will today. If I can guess what Mitchell is thinking, he comes back next game. Slap him on the wrist and let him stew a bit.

Ukic – a little flash of good ball. Active hands, but, like Solomon, a gamble. Of course, we were down big, so not a huge gamble, but had it been a closer game, I’d hate to see it. He committed the most turnovers on the team today and that is also a cause of concern, but won’t improve unless he plays. Playing him, though, might hurt you early in the season. Tough call.

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    Joey Graham

Game Theme:      Domination

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