The State of the Raptors

No matter where you stand on the optimist-pessimist spectrum one thing is undeniable: so far this season has been a massive disappointment. If you were wise enough to predict what has transpired so far, good for you, you’ve earned a right to say, “I’ve told you so”, just don’t rub it in every time. If… Read more »


Triano vs Nelson…The Epic Battle In The Sun.

Ladies Love Cool Andris in today’s Opening Tip. Some are already calling for Jay’s head to be carried out in a sack and thrown off the CN Tower. Tonight the coach of Canada’s NBA team takes on the straight-shootin’ owner of the second most wins in NBA history. Nelson’s troops are banged up, while our… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Stink…errr…Sink Themselves in the Third

I’m not mad/upset/disgusted/disappointed/etc at the loss tonight. Sure Vegas had the Raptors as 8 point underdogs, but anyone with any sense wouldn’t bet on the Raptors unless they are playing the bottom of the barrel teams in the league. The fact of the matter is that the Blazers are a top echelon team, and the… Read more »


Another Loss and Another Blown Lead

There is a pattern developing here. First the Raptors come out like gangbusters- shoot the ball with a high percentage, pound the ball inside with success, and put the boot to top flight teams: Portland, NJ, Dallas, even Boston. Next, the team begins to build some confidence. And lastly, they begin to jack up shots… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Dec 27 vs Trailblazers

The “young turks” edition. Adams – only one thing will enable this guy to play any quality NBA minutes: Gatorade being deemed a stimulant and anybody who drinks it is banned from playing in the league. Bargnani – shooting .500 from the floor, showing confidence, not hesitating….yet Coach Triano sits him during the decisive part… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors vs Blazers Live Blog, Chat and Stream

Raptors have won two straight and are trying to avenge the earlier loss in Toronto when Steve Blake burned us for a 3 with 8 ticks left. Chris Bosh then did his PG impression, remember? The live chat is available and you can follow the game on Twitter. The stream links are below, there’s the… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Clippers? Check. Kings? Check. Blazers? Aaah

“I eat slow white men” Raptors 107, Kings 101 This is one of those games that becomes news only if you lose. It wasn’t easy and there were moments of doubt from start to finish but the Raptors managed to hang on and beat the Kings in the most boring close game you’ll ever see…. Read more »


Roll Call – Dec 26 vs Kings

The “put me in, coach” edition. Adams – asked Santa for a blowout….any kind of blowout. Needs one just to see some PT. Should have asked for some skills. Bargnani – asked Santa for the ability to become a brick shithouse, evidently. Doing his best Oakley on one possession, but also doing his best “he’s… Read more »


Raptors vs Kings Live Blog, Chat and Stream

Twitter based live blog tonight. Raps back in action after a three day break! Link to Live Chat Stream #1 107-101 Final. 2-2 on the roadtrip thanks to JO’s big night. Also, much thanks to Jack Armstrong for making this game painful to watch. 3 minutes ago Randy Brown is on the Kings bench in… Read more »