Roll Call

Roll Call – Nov 30 vs Lakers

The “at least they are missing the storm” edition.

Adams – if you think about it, he is our own Jack Nicholson. Sits on the sidelines, cheers, talks to the fans around him. Difference is Jack probably could beat him in HORSE. Showing that BC still has the touch, though, Hassan The Man, in 4 minutes, shot 50%, got a steal and a board. Gwan!!!

Bargnani – while not having a stellar shooting night (that’s like saying Toronto gets a little snow in the winter), the big galoot brought it on the boards with 11 and blocked 4 shots. Didn’t do well the times Gasol took it to him, but it must be said he continues to show a little bit more every game and in different areas.

Bosh – what happens when your big guy goes up against three big guys? He gets smothered like a couple of Raptors bloggers getting lapdances from Misty Mountains at For Your Eyes Only. At least he didn’t take it out on his teammates this time, since some of the misses were solely on him. The detractors will say he disappeared, but this is what happens when you go up against a tall, deep team.


Calderon – showing his frustration and how much it can take him out of a game. He did earn himself a double double, but it just felt like you could see the game being taken away from him by Fish. Still, he did play better than he has been, but,again, it’s Fisher and Farmar…2 guys you’d hope a world champion PG could dominate, hammy and all.

Graham – Somebody switched Stephen and Joey at the border. Can’t deny he hustled, but like Bosh, he felt the deepness of the team he had to face tonight. The shots that presented themselves over the last 2 games weren’t there tonight. Hopefully he stays positive and brings it on Tuesday.

Humphries – I love ya buddy, but those 10min you got tonight? You probably should have played 1/2 of them. Even factoring in the talent he was up against, he should have been more impressive. He’s a guy you can usually count on to step up against stiff competition, but tonight he looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but on the floor.

Jawai – if nothing else, this game proved that a team with big talent beats a team with a big heart.

Kapono – average at best. He got his shots off and hit it at a 50% clip, but he had to be one to look at for help with Bosh struggling. Did a passable job on D (using his own standards as a measure). Have you ever seen a more awkward runner on the court? Seriously.

Moon – think the fire is coming back? Active and running low cuts in the first half and actually came out in the second and did the same. Hell, that’s a huge step for the lugnut this season. Maybe his agent is in LA.  I actually saw him talking on D too. Of course I only noticed because of that silly looking mouthguard moving around in his gob. Good money says he disappears in the mountains of Denver.

O’Neal – happy to see he didn’t try playing. As Arse said, it made no sense against this team. His presence certainly would have opened it up for Bosh, but at what cost?

Parker – incredibly hot from the floor and doing a good job on Kobe in spots. Neither was bound to last long but you have to think he is content with what he did. Finally stringing them together. For a bit there, I was waiting to see him whip out the Kapono finger-fire move.

Solomon – He made it to a spot that not many basketball players do: having a worse game than Hassan Adams. Poor bastard. Somebody should be on suicide watch tonight.

Ukic – the Raptors own Montgomery Burns played well. His jumper still isn’t falling, but he attacked the basket fairly well and actually did a nice job on the ball.  First time I’d say with all confidence that he deserves more time than Will, but not sure Denver will present that option. Also seems odd to say this, but why do I get the impression he feels uncomfortable calling a play?

Driving The Bus:   Anthony Parker

Under The Bus:    Kris Humphries

Game Theme:      One Can Dream

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