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45-26 Denver: Wow, this is getting ugly. We’re camping out on the perimeter, not playing any defense and have not run a single cohesive offensive set. Jamario Moon just threw the worst cross-court pass I’ve ever seen. Denver’s just bombing away from three and we’re not contesting.

53-43: A little bit of a run. Mostly thanks to Bosh and JO getting some scores and Denver’s percentages dropping. Oh yeah, Billups is sitting for this stretch so that probably helps.

64-45 at the half: Chauncey’s back in, hits a couple threes. Kapono passes up an open look to pass to Graham and of the sort. No visible D on the part of the Raps. Offensive rebounds are an issue too and Nene is going anywhere he wants without even being bumped. JO’s a step behind and falling asleep on defense. Got robbed of a block on KMart though. Bosh with 16/10. Needs some help.

71-49: Yikes. 3pt play, Kmart over JO. This is garbage time, no? Carmelo’s lighting us up and we finally realize that Parker should be guarding him instead of Bargnani. Jose’s having a terrible game, Bargnani’s trying hard but all our offense is basically 1 on 1 moves. Jumper after jumper after jumper after jumper. This is painful.

82-53: Billups open three from the corner. Bosh another missed jumper. Somebody gouge my eyes out.

84-53: Nene with a Slam after nobody even bothered to play D. We look defeated, lost and confused. I think I saw a tear in JO’s eye.

90-57: Billups with a behind the back pass to Kmart for a jam as Bosh is left standing like a statue. Oh, just as I say that, Nene dunks on Bosh. Get Bosh out of there. We can’t even bump a cutter. Defense seems to be a sin for us. Fear not, Will Solomon is here.

92-59: Leo just said that the altitude played a factor.

95-61: There’s still 2:12 in the third quarter. They might get 100 in three quarters. Birdman with a dunk after cutting baseline, nobody covered him. Devln’s talking about some thanksgiving dinner Alex English once had. Would English make a good coach? He did coach in the NBDL so hes’s got to be a tough SOB, no? Good Joey with a dunk.

Why the fuck are Calderon and Bosh still in this game? Doesn’t Jose have a bad hammy?

100-68: Jose with a three. The Nuggets have reached 100 points at the end of the third quarter. I am embarrassed. We’re not even trying, we’re letting Denver walk all over us and don’t seem to be too upset about it. I always talk about defensive intensity and effort and this is why. We’ve shown nothing in this game, nothing to like and nothing to respect.

108-70: Bargnani, Moon, Solomon, Ukic and Bargnani is your garbage time lineup at the start of the fourth. Mitchell calls timeout after Billlups drains another three.

109-70: It’s a Who’s’ who of Toronto Raptors: Hassan Adams, Roko Ukic, Will Solomon, Joey Graham and Kris Humphries. Leo’s asking this bunch to drive ‘n kick and create shots. How about asking Jose to do that first? Why does George Karl look pissed? He does know the score, right?

126-83: The bench looks like they’re on death row. Bosh and O’Neal are in shock and Bargnani looks genuinely depressed.Renaldo Balkman just hit a jumper. Jose and AP are talking on the bench and looking lost. They just showed a shot of JO and it didn’t look good. Still about 3 minutes left in this one. Worst part is that the team has to stay in Denver for two more days before going to Utah. Should be fun times.

130-88: Solomon pulls up for a jumper on a 3 on 1 and….misses. Hassan Adams with airball. 45 seconds left.

Final 132-93: At least we kept the differential under 40. No effort, no desire, no intensity, no plan. I sound like a broken record but so does Mitchell and everybody else in every PG interview.

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