Roll Call – December 10 vs Pacers

The “did we trade the wrong guy” edition. Adams – let’s just hope all this playing time doesn’t go to his head. Bargnani – you know when you’ve been looking forward to, say, italian all day? You can just taste that lasagna. So, you decide to stop by your local restaurant on the way home… Read more »


Maceo and Rasho and TJ, oh my!

Check out today’s Opening Tip for tips on dating Stephen Graham. There’s also a new poll about tonight’s game. ******* We’ve all been looking forward to this one. It started so well, two players working in symbiotic harmony. Touted as the best 1-2 punch in the game at their position, it looked to be the… Read more »


Just not good enough + Fan Podcast

Anybody else getting tired of being laughed at? Raptors 94, Cavaliers 114 We’re allowed a 15 man roster of which we’re not using two spots. So we’re down to 13. Then we have Jawai so we’re down to 12. Then we have Hassan Adams, Will Solomon and Roko Ukic so our NBA quality players are… Read more »