Roll Call

Roll Call – December 10 vs Pacers

The “did we trade the wrong guy” edition.

Adams – let’s just hope all this playing time doesn’t go to his head.

Bargnani – you know when you’ve been looking forward to, say, italian all day? You can just taste that lasagna. So, you decide to stop by your local restaurant on the way home to pick up some good eats. You get it home, open it up, and it’s veal. Well, AB has been that veal lately. He couldn’t hit a thing all game (literally…he hit nothing) and might be having to ride the pine for a while. Such a big downgrade from what he has been doing.

Bosh – started off like the Bosh of late and came back like a mini-me version of the Bosh of early. Ended up with a double double, but the passion is still lacking. I think tonight he ended up feeding off the energy of the b-team and it helped kick him in the ass.

Calderon – thank God he can pass and hit free throws, because a one armed midget could hit jumpers better than him. Oh, and that breeze you felt?? Call it TJ.

Graham – who let the dogs out? Heavens to Betsy, who the hell slipped this guy some ups? Attitude, attack, passion……he needs to be the coverboy for NBA LIVE2010! 26 freakin’ minutes. TWENTY-SIX!! That’s only 2 minutes off my best time with Jessica Alba. Hope CentreSports has enough jersey’s in stock, because Santa’s gonna have a few late orders.

Humphries – his shooting tips have finally sunk in with Kap.

Jawai – looks like he has been heading to Bavarian’s for a few hearty meals.

Kapono – I half expected to see him start jump skipping down the court, yelling “wheeeee…look at meeeeeeeee!!!” followed by kisses to the crowd. Let’s not all get carried away, but again proving my point from last year that this cat should start. He took 23 shots, which is equal to the number of times RapsFan gets turned down at Fluid on an average Saturday.

Moon – solid game as a starter. Don’t know where (or why) he has been hiding it. Have to wonder if it’s a product of everything seeming to go right for the entire team tonight. Who knows, but I like it….as does his agent.

O’Neal – his amazing shooting prowess continues. I am glad he didn’t come out like an overzealous assh……oh, wait, 2 fouls in the first few minutes? Right. Sorry. At least he settled down after that and provided a presence. Seriously, though, RUN. JOG. DO SOMETHING. Does he like looking at teammates asses or what? No wonder Sam and Jay keep yelling ‘go go go’, it’s because lugnut here is closer to the concessions than he is to the opposing hoop when lightning quick Jose is bringing the ball up.

Parker – sprained ankle. didn’t play. If you wear a suit, tuck your shirt in. Get better soon or we might have to activate the Big Barrier Jawai.

Solomon – I’m kinda pissed that he didn’t play point against TJ just for a few minutes. Can you imagine? It would be like two kids hopped up on Red Bull and Pop Rocks trying to get past each other. Willy would be stretching every extremity he had to try and stop Ford. He’d look like Gumby. Maybe next time.

Ukic – nice bucket, now get back on D son…your man just whipped past you before you reached midcourt. We have to get him up to 15-17 a game so he can run with the big boys. He also needs to remember his shooting is not as good as his passing. Look for your man.

Driving The Bus:   Joey Graham

Under The Bus:    Herbie the Announcer.  Any more “niiiiiiice” calls and you sleep with the fishes.

Game Theme:      Welcome Back

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