Roll Call

Roll Call – Dec 17 vs Mavericks

The “booooooooo” edition.

Adams – the hole in the middle of this donut of a team.

Bargnani – like those dry crusty timbits that are left over in the office kitchen.  Oh how fickle the Toronto crowd is. Cheering a few games back, booing tonight. Deservedly so?

Bosh – the eclair….except tonight it was more like a melted eclair with no filling. Tired? Probably. Good move by Triano to sit him down? Definitely. Just a brutal effortless night that should be played and replayed by his cousin to remind him how bad he looked.

Calderon – why does this guy even try to shoot? You’d have better luck winning a grand prize rolling up your rim than this guy hitting a shot when he is covered. Kidd was about as visible as Pluto from Earth and Jose couldn’t take advantage.

Graham – ‘splain this one to me, Triano-huggers. Joey comes out and takes it to the Mavs like a homeless man to a Krispy Kreme. Then he sits longer than me at a modeling audition. We see “good Joey” and General Canuck decides to sit him in favour of the guys who are doing so much better?

Humphries – We need rebounding help against the best rebounding team in the league. I got it…..let’s play one of our hungrier players 2 minutes!! That’s about as smart as making donuts that taste like lemons.

Jawai – he can start working out soon. Yay. He will be able to contribute about as soon as they invent donuts that can fend off heart disease.

Kapono – he was being taken advantage of like free chocolate dips at a Weight Watchers meeting.  I still completely support him as a starter, but you have to wonder if having two liabilities on the floor to start the second half might not be opening the door to some of these game-killing runs.

Moon – good shooting night and just missing a double double. Like a maple donut on Canada Day, his recent athleticism is a good fit for us. Just unfortunate we can’t take more advantage of it.

O’Neal – he of the high-priced behind the glass fancy donut variety. He gave great game tonight and is deserving of as many accolades as you can laud on him. He actually jumped 4 times (one when he was even by himself!), he had 2 nice blocks and one lucky sideswipe fingertip one, and once he even bolted down the floor. Still would like to see him hit some of those jumpers, though.

Parker – as sexy as a glossy marble donut, with as much game as a pinball machine with 2 busted bumpers. He’s going through Jose-itis right now and obviously needs to snap himself back to game shape. Not sure a 6 game road trip will afford him the time to do so, but it’s apparent we need him back. Badly.

Solomon – get your bag of day olds… olds, right here….day olds….

Ukic – came out like a warm bear claw to start the game. Gave Jose some breather, played superb basketball, was communicating, passing, driving. Then he thought, what the hell, let’s try shooting the ball. Idiot. I was actually surprised to see he amassed zero assists. Still, above average game from him and again showing he deserves some more floor time.

Voskuhl – like the plain donut……always around, but never really wanted.

Driving The Bus:   Jermaine O’Neal

Under The Bus:    Chris Bosh

Game Theme:      For Mr. Bosh

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