Just when you thought we’d turned the corner….

Charlie V needs no motivation against the Raps Bucks 96, Raptors 85 Somebody come over here and slap me silly for thinking that the “red hot” Raptors would cruise at home against the Redd-less Bucks. A three game winning streak against Chicago, Sacramento and New Jersey wasn’t exactly highly impressive but it did signify one… Read more »


Roll Call – Jan 30 vs Bucks

The “well, that was slightly disappointing” edition Bargnani – reminded me of that girl that shows up at a party all dressed to the nines and you think is incredibly hot. Then, as the night wears on, the real person shines through and you realize she is about as sexy as a zit. Bosh –… Read more »


Harris miss reprieves Raptors

Three wins in a row! Raptors 107, Nets 106 Devin Harris’ questionable decision to let the clock run down so he could take the final shot of the game worked in our favor. When he broke Joey Graham to create 8 feet of shooting space and rose for that jumper a feeling of nausea came… Read more »


Roll Call – Jan 28 vs Nets

The “start printing those playoff invoices” edition Bargnani – he had as much rhythm tonight as an elephant trying to dance to drum and bass. Completely taken out of his element and piling up on the fouls like AB V1.0. Bosh – I might start calling him Lobsterboy. If I didn’t see the odd close… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raps Look To Make It 3 In A Row

Grab the Opening-Tip where you will learn the sad-sad thing both the Raptors and Nets have in common. Trailing the season series 2-1, the Raptors head into Garden State hoping to tie things up and regain some pride that VC & Co. stole when they did this: I hate the Nets, dating back to Babcock… Read more »