Roll Call

Roll Call – Jan 14 vs Bulls

The “do I excite you” edition

Bargnani – hope you enjoy your Italian sausage spicy, because AB’s game tonight was like he was maybe, you know, auditioning for something. Hard to imagine he could have a better offensive game than he had tonight.

Bosh – as afraid of grabbing a board tonight as I am of seeing RuPaul naked. He was getting grabbed and pulled most of the night, but still got his points, which is great…but on a night where getting a board may have allowed us the ability to pull away, we could have used him stepping up.

Calderon – obviously pulling a page from the HO manual: see a man you don’t want to play, pull up lame. Rose would have scorched him, so better for his ego to sit and check out the in-seat menu.

Graham – gave us the equivalent of a blind girl looking for a hot guy at a weight watchers meeting. (pretty slim to none since I stopped going, by the way)

Humphries – the Raptors version of Galen Weston. You know he means well and he tries, but lately he has been as annoying as … well.. Galen Weston.

Jawai – well, it was at least nice to see that Jose decided to sit with the guys as opposed to taking the HOway to hell. That way Nathan got a day pass from being a card carrying member of the Raptors bench lonely hearts club.

Kapono – as beautiful as his form is on some of his shots, there are times he looks like he is pushing Oprah up a ladder when he takes some offbalanced heaves. That runner from the wing in the first was just UGly.

Moon – on the end of a nice alley-oop and some half decent defence. Another guy we need to step up in games like this. Wish somebody could get that idea in his head in a contract year.

O’Neal – if he comes back to either play or just make an appearance in Indy after being AWOL for so long, he should lose all respect in the NBA community. Period.

Parker – perfect example of the stat sheet not being totally representative of effort. Played well, even doing a passable job with screens tonight. Looked like he was stepping it up in intensity, which is always good to see. Had he shown it in the first quarter, he could have provided a spark.

Solomon – good D on that inbounds play in the fourth, and probably going to be taking a few extra minutes in the hot tub after having to watch Rose blow by all night. Still appreciate that he seems to have reigned in his desire to shoot-first pass-later.

Ukic – Roko Ono had a game that probably had him thinking about going back to play drums in a gypsy band. Played the role of a good backup, but as with all the role players tonight, we needed much more. Important games make or break wanna bes and should bes. Leave it to you what he is.

Voskuhl – Jack Jake outta Jail! Again, I am admittedly a big Humph guy, but Jake must be able to play better than Kris has been. Time to go back to Jay’s original plan of playing Jake ahead of Kris.

Driving The Bus:   Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:    Joey Graham

Game Theme:      Be Positive

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