Podcast: Raptors Republic, Celtics Blog and Bright Side of the Sun

The good man from Bright Side of the Sun organized a little blogger roundtable with myself and Steve from the Celtics Blog. Andrea Bargnani’s topic #1 but others include: Jermaine O’Neal, shutting Rajan Rondo down, the Celtics/Raptors home-and-home, Kapono to the Celtics, Marbury as the Celtics off-guard (hilarious reaction from Steve), the Celtics’ love for… Read more »


Season can still be saved, says Eric Smith to RR

It was another tough loss to swallow for Raptors fans. After ANOTHER lack luster showing versus the lowly Pacers for three quarters, the boys came up short in a game they not only needed to win, but should have – especially after a hard fought 4th quarter comeback. As a side note, imagine what this… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Trade Rumour: O’Neal for Marion???!?!

Hopefully HO can help the Raptors as trade bait. With the Raptors on-court so miserable, I’m turning to the world of ‘what-if’ for my fix. Word out of Miami is that Riley is interested in trading for Jermaine O’Neal. O’Neal will have to show him some good stuff to make it happen, which shouldn’t be… Read more »


Let’s wait till the 4th quarter to play hard

I’m thinking of buying a Raptors jersey and putting Granger 33 on it. Raptors 104, Pacers 111 Part of me didn’t even want the Raptors to make that run in the fourth because it doesn’t mean a thing. We got outplayed for three quarters and were down 24 when the Pacers decided to bring out… Read more »