Podcast: Raptors Republic, Celtics Blog and Bright Side of the Sun


The good man from Bright Side of the Sun organized a little blogger roundtable with myself and Steve from the Celtics Blog. Andrea Bargnani’s topic #1 but others include: Jermaine O’Neal, shutting Rajan Rondo down, the Celtics/Raptors home-and-home, Kapono to the Celtics, Marbury as the Celtics off-guard (hilarious reaction from Steve), the Celtics’ love for Jamario Moon, Bosh’s choking against KG, trade rumours and of course the customary Raptors/Suns preview. Steve’s defense of KG’s taunting of Calderon was the best part but some of the sound-effects during that little rant are pretty classic and well-timed. There’s tons more Raptors, Suns and Celtics talk as well including speculation on swapping KG/Bosh/Amare. Great job of hosting by BSOTS, funny stuff all around.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, best podcast yet. Have a listen by clicking on the play button below, it’s also available in iTunes. You can also download it here.


I wish the Raptors were a better team so I could talk more smack in these little interviews but oh well. I was asked for a prediction and had to be realistic and picked the Suns. But hey, let’s go Raps!

The opening intro and the ending music is from Battlestar Galactica.

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