Roll Call

Roll Call – Jan 25 vs Kings

The “holy crap, we swept the Kings!!!” edition

Bargnani – time to harness his great play and better attitude of late and see if he can’t add a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to his D. Still, his standing up to Garcia shouldn’t be of any surprise since Bargs has always had a chip on his shoulder. Beautiful game tonight.

Bosh – we ever going to have an all-star here who doesn’t make googlie eyes to a family member sitting courtside? Made the Kings pay tonight, but his slipping rebound numbers are a bit of a concern.  Nice job talking stuff out on the floor tonight, though.

Calderon – nice game, good calming influence. Have to wonder how long it will be until teams double Bosh in the halfcourt since Jose’s first pass still seems to go to him 80% of the time. At times he is as predictable as snow in January.

Graham – anybody get the impression Joey has been watching some hockey in his years in the TDot? One of his better games of the season, in my opinion. He was as active and physical as a male dog let loose in a kennel full of bitches in heat.

Humphries – even hurt, he probably played as many minutes as Triano would have given him had he been healthy.

Jawai – think his heart was beating just a bit? Got in during garbage time and took what could only be described as a shot that had the same probability of going in as I have of achieving a place of honour on the bedpost of Salma Hayek. (well, again. Once was great, but twice is probably asking too much)

Kapono – to this day it shocks me when I don’t see him at least attempt a 3. Then I get over it and it just pisses me off. Bringing him in as a shooter and then having him not attempt a 3 is like being a newspaper executive who hires a new food critic who then immediately goes on the Zone diet.

Moon – nice to see Jay have the guts to sit this guy down for most of the game. He brought as much gusto to this game as a fireman showing up with a bucket of water at an inferno.  We were playing the Kings…he should have been all over this opportunity like all his other teammates were. Pathetic and it was nice to see that it was handled accordingly.

O’Neal – great game from the HO. Still looks for his own shot a little too much for my liking, but he was hitting them tonight and was much more active in the paint than he has been over the past month. Oh..wait…right. Anyway, his game is far away from being worth his paycheque, but if he played like this consistently, he would have my support. Too bad we don’t play the Kings again.

Parker – remember earlier in the year we were bemoaning his disappearance? Guess he just needed to play 2 positions. 11pts, 7 boards, 7 assists. What’s next, a try-out for the Jays? Nice to see him enjoying playing again.

Solomon – you think he is calling Hassan Adams wondering if he can get in on some of the pickup games at the Y?  I think Will has as much of a shot at consistent floor time now as I do have at consistently not having coffee in the morning and at passing the Brass Rail without going in.

Ukic – your team wins going away and you show a –10. In 7 minutes. And you fist pump after hitting a 3? Nice. Enjoy your time, son. Stuff like that will get you in good with other teams. That and your girly stance with your hands on your hips.

Voskuhl – Jake and Nate.  Nate and Jake. Devlin should have a field day with that lineup moving forward. What is kind of sad is you know if he saw a few more minutes a game, the locals would fall in love with the guy. Wonder what he would be doing right now had BC not made a phone call.

Driving The Bus:   Jose Calderon

Under The Bus:    Jamario Moon

Game Theme:      Life as a Kings fan…if you were a Giants fan (note: some NSFW language)

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