Roll Call

Roll Call – Feb 10 vs Timberwolves (NSFW)


The “all good things must come to an end” edition

Bargnani – meh. Passable offensive game offset by some horrible defense most of the night. Trade him.

Bosh – at least he is on the bench, unlike some other highly paid athletes. Keep him.

Calderon – the turnstile was in full use tonight. Welcome to our paint, please make yourself at home. Trade him.

Graham – add another strong showing to his resume. Aggressive and looking to finish plays. Impressive. Keep him.

Humphries – nowhere to be found. Hide him on the IL and keep him.

Jawai – had a game similar to BC’s desire to bring a winning team to Toronto: not getting out of the gate. Trade him.

Kapono – told to fire at will, turns in a 10 of 15 night. Guess that style suits him. Keep him.

Moon – +21!!! +21!!! Sweet Lord Almighty, +21!!!! 11pts, 9boards, 4 assists and the goofiest grin in roundball history. Trade him.

O’Neal – I could rest my bag of nuts on the rim when he takes a layup and I’d be pretty sure they would never shake loose. If he hit 50% of his layups in a game, they could probably find Osama Bin Laden. Thankfully he was hitting his jumpers and his free throws. Keep him.

Parker – the heart of this team and the air which we breathe as a franchise. His determination and stellar defense wins us more games than we deserve. Keep him.

Solomon – anybody seen this guy lately? Was he the one driving that white bentley in LA this morning? Trade him.

Ukic – the equivalent of bringing a duck to a cockfight. Trade him.

Voskuhl – makes more money than you. Trade him.

Driving The Bus:   Jermaine O’Neal

Under The Bus:    Anthony Parker

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