Need to Handle Business

What-choo-talkin-about? The Raptors need to take this one as they head into a tough stretch of games where they play 7 teams who are .500 or better. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, there is a game against the Wolves. Don’t get too excited, but it could mean two wins in a row for… Read more »


Expectations, The Draft, and Keeping it Real

Those who know me know one thing: I’m all about keepin’ it real. So let’s be realistic. I had hoped to write a column today about how the Raptors had been reborn: Jay Triano had been fired and replaced by Eddie Jordan or Avery Johnson. O’Neal and Moon had been transformed in Shawn Marion. Roko… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Bargnani’s Little Big Planet

When he’s not not shaving or eating a spicy meatball, Andrea Bargnani likes to play games that he can actually win once in a while. Anyone play this game? Thoughts?


Raps exact revenge

And that’s how a playa rebounds. Knicks 100, Raptors 111 Pinch-hitting for Dinosty. Didn’t know I was going to be doing this post so bear with me as I wasn’t paying an awful lot of attention during this one. Consider the revenge for Friday night exacted. It wasn’t by the same margin or the same… Read more »


Roll Call – Feb 22 vs Knicks

The “flash in the pan” edition Banks – DNP – BTR  (did not play – back to reality) Bargnani – hotter than watching Salma Hayek breastfeed. Couple of nice blocks, goes off for 28, but has to reign in some of those turnovers. Bosh – the usual suspects will rip him, yet he still put… Read more »


Round Two

I need help Only the Denver game that “cost” Smitch his job was by a larger margin. At what point will the rhetoric and idiocy about the playoffs stop? Sure they are 5.5 games out of 8th spot, but what has happened this season that has certain idiots suggesting the playoffs? 21-36 seem like a… Read more »



Raptors 34, Knicks 84678 This was the most humiliating defeat of all time. Yes, all time. Just look at the circumstances under which the Knicks ran us off the court: We pulled off a big trade and are in a backs-to-the-wall situation where we need to claw out wins almost every night to make the… Read more »