Roll Call

Roll Call – Mar 3 vs Rockets

The “well thank God that trip is over” edition

Banks – major contribution tonight. Yup, word is he actually finished his first ever sudoku.

Bargnani – stellar game tonight. As we were reminded (often) his foul trouble was a major blow to our early success. However, his defensive effort tonight was well above average (they credit him with 3 blocks, but I counted 5) and he was a stone cold killer from the floor.

Bosh – our man RapsFan said that Scola would win this battle and he was dead on. Similar to the last game, Bosh came out on fire, tapered off, and came back fairly strong in the second half. His interior D hurt us tonight more than his jump shot, and that’s saying something.

Calderon – if you are going to end a road trip on a high note, 16 assists would do it. Of course he was going up against Brooks and Lowry, which is hardly the allstar backcourt combo he is used to seeing. Still, after two consecutive stinkers, it was nice to see Jose break out just in time to take 2 days off.

Graham – blech. Starting to wonder if the Marion acquisition has just made Joey’s mind up to fold. He gave us minutes full of nothing tonight and it has become a pattern lately. Hit a wall? Pissed off?

Humphries – flares have been fired.

Kapono – how do you say “pathetic” in Floridian? k…a…p….o……

Marion – 18 and 10 even though every time they showed a tight shot of him, he looked like he was coughing up a lung. Literally. Hardly walking on water, but if our bench gave forth just half that effort in that capacity, we probably would have taken this game to overtime.

O’Bryant – the only flyer we took on this guy is his body on the team plane.

Parker – 3 points. Granted, he was covered by some talented people, but come on. Gets marks for hustling, but so do streetwalkers.

Ukic – again, not a bad game. It did feel like he played more than 9 minutes, though, so not sure what that says. Now that we have as much chance of reaching the next level as a midget with no ladder, lets see if we can get him 12-15min consistently.

Voskuhl – I used to think this guy could actually be a nice bridge-type piece for us. Evidently London Bridge is falling down, falling down.

Driving The Bus:   Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:    Jason Kapono

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