Crushing Defeat


See that look on Deron’s face? It’s called focus and being a winner. Notice Jose’s? lol Raptors 101, Jazz 109 Crushing, absolutely crushing. The stage was set for the Raptors to steal one from the Jazz: DST meant the Jazz were playing at 930am Utah time and on the road; no Carlos Boozer; Pops Mensah-Bonsu… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Linkage for Mar 7 12pm to Mar 9 1pm


Linkage for Mar 7 12pm through Mar 9 1pm: RaptorsHQ Monday Afternoon Stock Watch for March 9, 2009 – Jones: Talkin’ all that Jazz – Dino Nation Blog: 10 Things I Never Expected This Raptors Season Post [game] mortem: Raptors vs Jazz Getting in “The Tank” | Searching For ’93 Morning Report: 3… Read more »