No Pirates in Philly


Bargnani defending the paint while everyone else watches. They got Cheese Steaks and clean up after our drafting messes, but they don’t have any damn pirates, which the Raptors can be thankful for. I was half wrong about Philly at the start of the year; I pegged them for a 50 win team ahead of… Read more »


Ariza’s foul on Fernandez: Flagrant or Not?


I don’t think it is. He went for the ball, it’s unfortunate that Rudy fell awkwardly and got injured but doesn’t change the fact that Ariza went for the ball. I don’t know how Blazers Edge comes off making a big deal about it (pure homerism). Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @CornerSniper


Raptors as per


We always talk about how the Raptors shoot too many jumpers and how it ends up costing games because over the long run they’re a losing proposition. I did some casual research on and checked out the percentages of jumpers and “close” shots that every team shoots. It’s no surprise that 72% of our… Read more »