Roll Call – Mar 20 vs Bobcats


The “so THAT is why my girl is against doing….” edition. Banks – good: his salary. bad: we pay it. Bargnani – good: he was a former #1 pick. bad: he was ours. Bosh – good: his second quarter tonight. bad: the other 3. Calderon – good: he wanted to stay in Toronto and become… Read more »


Take Your Own Advice, Jump Shooter


You just know they tried to get an actual “high-flyer” to rep the contest but when no one would step up, they all looked at each other and said, “Who’d be willing to come on YouTube, read a lame script, and sign a jersey he won’t be wearing at the end of next season? Chris… Read more »


When winning or losing doesn’t matter


More of this to come? It’s Friday night, the team’s 20 games under .500, the Bobcats are in town and March Madness is on. This may as well be on TSN2 because its getting less viewers than a WNBA pre-season clash. You’d think there would be an element of revenge here after the Raptors got… Read more »