Take Your Own Advice, Jump Shooter

You just know they tried to get an actual “high-flyer” to rep the contest but when no one would step up, they all looked at each other and said, “Who’d be willing to come on YouTube, read a lame script, and sign a jersey he won’t be wearing at the end of next season? Chris Bosh!” This guy will do anything to build his brand as a basketball player/MTV host with no talent.

Really? Weak contest,  weak production value, weak prizes. A chance to be an honorary dunker with some “troupe” no one’s heard of? I mean, Nissan is a sponsor and no hot whip for the champ? Since having people post videos to YouTube doesn’t cost anything, what are they sponsoring? Clearly a few lights weren’t part of the agreement.

And yes, I know this a weak post.

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