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Roll Call – March 22 vs Clippers



The “what happens if you put two turtles in a cage match” edition Banks – his ego is still cracked, so he didn’t play. Got paid, though.  Bargnani – his heel has a booboo. I woke up today and had a crick in my neck. Funny thing is, I’m still doing my job. Get out   …Continue Reading

Clippers East vs Clippers West



I was checking out Jonesy’s latest article where he’s making a mild case for giving Triano another chance by saying that coaches like Mike D’Antoni, Jim O’Brien and Greg Popovic also struggled in their interim roles but came back to have strong first full seasons. The argument might’ve carried some weight if we’d had seen   …Continue Reading

Linkage for Mar 20 2pm to Mar 23 7am


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Linkage for Mar 20 2pm through Mar 23 7am: Jawai in for tests | Toronto Sun The joys of winning | Toronto Sun TheStar.com | Bosh’s birthday bender overshadows basement battle TheStar.com | Raptors look fierce against Clippers sports.theglobeandmail.com: Raptors break out … against Clippers Raptors Forum » Game 69: Raptors vs. Clippers – Post-game   …Continue Reading

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