Roll Call

Roll Call – March 29 vs Bulls

The “TO in TO edition” edition

Banks – toeing the company line.

Bargnani – is there any player in the league that could beat this guy at running his hands through his hair?  Anyway, played defense as if he was a tree and the Bulls were a lumberjack. He offset that with some pretty good shooting, though, saving this game for us.

Bosh – when you need a bucket, get it into your franchise players hands. We did and he did what he has done all year for this team: put them on his back.

Calderon – a Kidd-like game tonight that could have all gone for naught due to his boneheaded sideline save that went right back to the Bulls for a 3.  Still, nice to see him continue his assault on his critics and provide us with even more fodder that had we had a reliable backup, he could have rested his injury earlier in the year and we would possibly be in the playoffs.

Douby – Douby didn’t.

Graham – I know you ride your horses in games like this, but it’s a shame we didn’t see more of Joey. He was having a solid game, was playing within the system and had a hunger for the ball.

Jawai – apple bottom jeans…them boots with the furrrrrrr….

Humphries –  

Kapono – finding his late season form or a result of our bigs demanding attention? Either way he has earned about 20% of his yearly salary now.

Marion – talking, knocking people down, getting in the refs grill. Only thing missing? Scoring and, you know, overall bang for the buck.

Mensah-Bonsu – great game, especially for those that think dunks are good for 4pts. Nice find by Bosh on that highlight dunk and an amazing job of playing to the crowd. This guy is like the hyper kid you invite to the party just to ensure it ain’t boring.

O’Bryant – you know that old pair of socks that sit in your dresser that you only whip out when you are all out of alternatives? Go to them right now and say “Hello, Patrick. I still love and respect you. Peace.”

Parker – I think he is still on the ACC court spinning around trying to catch a glimpse of all those guys that were punishing him like he was a kid that got caught stealing money from his mom’s purse.  Either that or he is doing the manly thing watching the Junos with his feet soaking in a basin of salt water.

Ukic – I have no particular reason why, but I’d love to see what is on this guys ipod.

Voskuhl – he is exactly the kind of guy that, in 5 years, will write a gossipy tell all book about his career and blow the lid off some man on man action involving the Raptors mascot and Gherardini.

Driving The Bus:   Jose Calderon

Under The Bus:    Anthony Parker

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