Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 1 vs Magic

The “best game of the year” edition Banks – somebody call a toe truck. Bargnani – pretty much a non-factor in the second half due to foul trouble (and eventually fouling out in the early fourth), he played a hell of a game on Dwight and had him stumbling around as much as I’ve seen… Read more »


AltRaps 3 Point Shot

Speak up: 1) If you had to sum up the Raptors performance the last few games in one word, it would be…. 2) If you could put together an allstar team of Raptors television announcers, who would you have as in-studio host and on air (colour and talking head)? Must be present or past Raptor… Read more »


RapCast returns and we talk Nathan Jawai, Magic preview

First up, let’s talk some Nathan Jawai. I spoke with Chris Langrill who’s a Stampede beat writer for the Idaho Statesman about our big Aussie man. We talked about his time in the D-League and whether his negative comments about the experience carried any weight. He had some surprisingly positives things to say about his… Read more »