Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 10 vs Wizards

The “Boogie Williams” edition Banks – the only pressing question: how is the toe? Bargnani – wonder if his heel bone is connected to his shooting bone? Brutal shooting night can be partially chalked up to the Wizards putting quick defenders on him, but he should have been able to shoot over them with ease…. Read more »


Linkage for Apr 8 6am to Apr 10 7pm

Linkage for Apr 8 6am through Apr 10 7pm: FAN590 – Raptors May Be Delayed <b>Raptors vs Wizards Stream</b> The Other Side: Toronto Raptors – Wizards Insider Could a Lewis for Bosh trade happen? – Third Quarter Collapse Bosh asked about leaving all the time – Dino Nation Blog: The End Of Some Dreams 3… Read more »


Just four more to go, hang tight

I guess the schedule maker thought we’d be in some sort of a tight race with the Wizards for playoff positioning and scheduled consecutive home and away games late in the season. He wasn’t the only one who predicted the record wrong at the outset. Let’s look back at the early season poll which asked… Read more »