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Russell Hicks gets the call + PG or SG?



Russell Hicks = KrisHumphries-0.9-beta.zip News is thin these days. Once our lottery position is known on May 19th things should pick up as the Raptors and the ever vague Jim Kelly will begin working people out. We have an 81% chance of selecting 9th and a 1.7%, 2.0%, and 2.4% chance of getting the 1st,   …Continue Reading

Linkage for Apr 28 12pm to May 8 12am



Linkage for Apr 28 12pm through May 8 12am: Kevin Garnett: A History Of Racism While Kevin Garnett has cemented his name in the NBA ranks as perhaps one of the greatest players to ever play the game, his antics over the last 14 years should raise some eyebrows as to exactly who he is   …Continue Reading

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