Raps Fan’s 3 Point Shot

1) Pritchard, for reasons unknown, comes calling with a straight up trade of Oden for Bargnani. Do you make it?

2) What do you think this big announcement Chris Bosh has been advertising for June 1st will be? How disappointed do you think we will be?

3) Who’s got the Magic tonight? Who’s got the Magic to win it all?

Even though the Raptors aren’t playing, it’s no reason to neglect you of the cheerleader tradition we started this year:

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction :)

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction 🙂

(sorry @Nat77 @RapsGurl @Raps_fan @_Chaun @the_tigercub, but most of our readers only came for the chearleader pick-of-the-day. I’ll find you guys a picture of Howard with his shirt off or something, AltRaps has a stash of uhh…those types of pictures/videos/used pieces of clothing/underwear….).

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